House move, 25-29 April 2001

If we were to sell our house now, we would have to advertise it as "low mileage" because we moved it about 8 miles from a location outside of town to a location in the middle of town, closing a state highway in the process. We did this because our original land had been rezoned from Agricultural to Industrial, changing the character of the neighborhood. The move began on 25 April 2000 and we made it as far as the median strip of Route 28 the first day. Rain delayed the completion of the move until 29 April when the house made it to the bottom of our driveway. Winching the house up the 1000 foot driveway took an additional two days.
Rindy and Peggy with their "mobile" home

House and detached roof leaving the driveway

Southbound on the northbound lane of Route 28

Parked in the median strip of Route 28 for the night Taking up both lanes of Palmer Avenue
Too bad for the wicked witch of the west!

Putting the roof back on at the bottom of the driveway

3 winches pulling the house up the driveway, 500' in 8 hours! Only 300 more feet to go....... "Skating" the house onto the new foundation
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